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The Pink Connection, Inc.

Welcome to The Pink Connection


Thank you for connecting. This is my personal testimony about the passion I have to work with young girls.


I'm often told I'm prissy, got pizazz, have charm, is poised, etc. and of course the question which follows is to ask "Have you always been this way.?....."No."


As a young girl, there were definitely growing pains; for starters, I didn't comport myself like a little miss. I climbed trees, I played stick-ball with the boys in the street, I didn't want to wear skirts or dresses, and the list goes on and on.


I owe my transformation to my mom.  She was determined to make a little miss out of me. So, at the age of 9 off to Charm School I went for 4 straight weeks.  This was such a life altering experience. Everything I was taught still resonates with me today and I often find myself recalling something I learned during that time.


I'm so excited to "pay it forward " through The Pink Connection.